Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My book review: Radical Together

Periodically (once ever month or so) I will be reviewing a book for WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group. This is my second review I hope you find it helpful. We will be back to Galatians in a few days (chapter 3).

Is it Possible to Be Radical TOGETHER?

I recommend that you read the book “Radical” as a prerequisite to reading “Radical Together” to make it more meaningful. For me, there was a concern that “Radical Together” would be the same book as “Radical” revamped with the word “together.” I’m happy to say I was wrong. It is a rather small book (165 pages including a 6-week discussion guide – which is quite helpful in a group setting).

Personally, I think the delay of a year or more from printing “Radical” to “Radical Together” was good, as author David Platt refers back to people who took his first book “Radical” and applied it to their lives. It also gave him time to explain how his church is doing this “together.” I was very pleased to have David relate how they are applying “Radical Together” in their church. He took this from “theory” to “practical reality.” This book has helped to make it clear and real on how we can be radical together as the church.

In review, I would like to briefly give some quotes from each chapter, that I feel encapsulate the chapter. This is just to give you an idea how good this book really is! I hope this helps in your deciding to read this book.

Chapter One: This chapter hit on how we are settling for those things which are “good,” and thus, missing out on God’s BEST.

Chapter Two: Here we see a balance of “…a gospel that saves us FROM work and saves us TO work.” We were “…created in Christ Jesus to do good works.” And, “We live radically, not because we have to, but because we want to.”

Chapter Three: Here we see the importance of the Word of God (Bible) in our lives. As the author states, “…if we want to make God’s glory known in the world, then we must make the teaching of God’s Word central in the church.”

Chapter Four: He gets our focus off the “superstars” and “super churches” that we see in many church organizations and, as he puts it, “…I want people in the church to be able to fulfill the purpose for which they were created without being dependent on gifted preachers, nice buildings, and great programs to do it for them.”

Chapter Five: Regarding our desire for the longing of Christ (end of the world as we know it), I like how the author puts it, “…The reality is that Jesus could come back as I write (or as you read) this sentence, and not one of us knows the time when He will come. But we do know this: Jesus hasn’t come back yet, which means there is still work to be done.” *Reviewers note: Whatever your eschatological views are (even if different from the author), don’t let them stop you from reading this book or you will miss out on reading a very life-changing book.

Chapter Six: In this chapter we see we need to get our eyes off of self and centered on God. As the author corrects the problem, he says, “…We organize our churches as if God exists to meet our needs, cater to our comforts, and appeal to our preferences.” Later, he goes on to say, “…I know of no greater motivational tool for the church than a glimpse of the sovereign, holy, majestic God who is worthy of all worship, who is high and lifted up.”

My prayer is that through the instrument of these two books, “Radical” and “Radical Together,” that the Lord will raise up a people sold out to Him!

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