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Review: Live Second

My review of: "Live Second"

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Live Second –  365 Ways to Make Jesus First

Before I get specifically into the book "Live Second", I will say I love the "I Am Second" website, video clips (testimonies), and the fact that they have chapters all over the country.  I also find "I Am Second" so refreshing in a world where we are so me-centered (self-centered), as their entire premise is that Jesus must be first in our lives.

As I read through this book, "Live Second", I was somewhat disappointed. There are days where the devotions are great, others when there did not seem to be much depth in what was said.  Day 1 of each week was probably the part I liked most where you are directed to a specific video testimony on their site with a different person each week. Very inspiring! But then the questions asked on Day 1 after watching the video are the same generic questions each week for the entire book. I believe questions related to the video testimony would add so much to the book.  The "Talk with God" are good, although most were too brief, but at least they are directly related to the devotion for each day. Where as the "Live it,  How can you live more second today?" and then the "Tell it. How will you share what was learned?" is repeated in so many devotions, that after the first few devotions I feel it is not necessary to keep taking up space with these repetitive questions. The space would be better used for longer devotions or a longer section on "Talk with God."

I am only giving it 3 stars for some of the above stated improvements I feel are needed in his book. If you are part of a "I Am Second" group and/or using this book for a group discussion, although it still could be better, it definitely would be a good addition to your "I Am Second" group.  If I ran an "I am Second" group I would encourage people to use this book.
Note: Thomas Nelson gave me a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review, and these opinions are my own.

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