Thursday, May 09, 2013

Review of "Humble Orthodoxy" a very good short book.

Review of "Humble Orthodoxy"

Before I get into my review let me encourage you get this book!  It is so needed by Christians today.

My first thought in readying the title almost scared me away from this book, just because seeing the word "orthodoxy" personally brings negative, overly traditional connotations to my mind.   But then seeing "humble" in front of it got my curiosity, plus I respect Joshua Harris as a Christian author and pastor.   I'm happy to have read this small book (61 short pages plus an added beneficial study guide). If you're a Pharisee in heart you really need this book, but likely won't want to read it.  As stated in his forward to the book, "Pharisaism is a poisonous weed that grows in every garden of orthodox religion."

In this book the author, Joshua Harris, does not down play the importance of Biblical truth, but stresses the importance of having the right spirit about these Bible truths.  The way in which Joshua uses "orthodoxy" is "...right thinking about God.  It's about teaching and belief based on the established, proven, cherished truths of the faith."  I like that definition of "orthodoxy."  As he expresses "humble orthodoxy" he says, "We must care about truth, and we must also defend and share this truth with compassion and humility."  He says, "We don't get to choose between humility and orthodoxy. We need both."

He brings balance to the whole subject of "biblical truth" and "humility." We so often get in the ditch of all Bible teaching (doctrine) and not an ounce of love and humility, or we get in the opposite ditch of all love, love, love and no concern or priority put on Biblical truth (orthodoxy). As I stated earlier (and worth repeating), I so love how Joshua says we need Biblical truth (orthodoxy) and humility, it's not either or, but both!  

As you prayerfully read this book, hopefully, you will see the need for both and that they don't have to be viewed as oxymoron's, but can flow together.

In one to two short readings you will have read this short book. Even if you do this book as a group, it is basically only going to be 4 sessions (utilizing the study guide in the back of the book).  When you are finished you will have a lot to think about and pray about.

None of us has a right to be proud of the truth we do understand, even that knowledge is all by God's grace!  And none of us has the right to dismiss/compromise the truth in the name of love or humility. 

As Joshua says, "We can demonstrate a humble orthodoxy, holding on to our identity in the gospel.  We are not those who are right; we are those who are redeemed".   

To that I simply say, "AMEN!"

I received this book from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

I was not required to write a positive review.