Sunday, March 03, 2013

Divine Appointments

The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD
and he delighteth in his way. - Psalm 37:23
(This is one of my favorite verses in the Bible)

"Our Steps are Ordered by the LORD" or "Divine Appointments" wherein God places us in situations for our benefit and/or the benefit of others.

As Oswald Chambers (Author of "My Utmost for His Highest) put it, "God is the Great Engineer, creating circumstances to bring about moments in our lives of divine importance, leading us to divine appointments."

Remember, Jesus at the well ministering to a woman who had been married many times
(See John 4:5-42). This is a good example of a "Divine Appointments ."

Another good example of this is found with Philip joining the chariot of the Ethiopian eunuch who just happened to be reading
Isaiah 53:7, 8 and didn't understand it. Think about it, at EXACTLY that moment Philip shows up by the LORD's leading and explains the passage in Isaiah to him and thus about Christ (see Acts 8:26-39).

I know a minister who always seems to be running into opportunities to minister to others – because he is expectant and available. Personally, I know that when I'm expecting and available, God uses me and it seems like I have many more of these divine appointments.

What I want to deal with in this short devotion is that there are many opportunities that are orchestrated by God for us to minister in some way to others, but some-times we are not willing, or we are not paying attention, or we are not looking and expecting these opportunities - these "Divine Appointments." 

An example of this happened to a friend of mine and myself on a trip we took together a few years ago.  He is a pro pool (billiards) player, and I run a pool/billiards ministry nationwide ( He picked me up in Atlanta, GA (my home at the time), and we drove to the event in Valley Forge, PA (approx. 800 miles).  This event was a pro event and also a pool expo with lots of people.  I ministered to individuals at the event (primarily amateur players), and my friend played in the pro event and ministered to people, too.  When the event ends we head back for Atlanta, GA. About a few hours into our trip (approximately 2:30 in the morning) we both find we need a bathroom break (God ordained as you'll see).  So we stop and go to the men's room. On the way out we both briefly share how the young girl running the store has been put on both of our hearts and that we are to share Jesus with her.  Long story short, we both end up telling her God sent us there to tell her "Jesus love you".  She opened her heart and shared how her family are born again and that her brother is a minister.  We didn't really get any more details than that, but I'm sure her family was praying for her, and unknown to us, God was going to use us to let her know that God knows her and cares about her.  All I can say is it was an awesome experience.

Now, I want to encourage you in your everyday life to ask God to help you to not miss His hand moving in so many of your life situations. Tell God you are AVAILABLE to be used by Him in this way.  I PROMISE you that as you seek His face with a pure heart, and as you ask Him to use you, He will give you many opportunities. What a blessing it is when you see God line you up with people! There will be other occasions God will move, and you didn't see it, but eternity will reveal it – Hallelujah!  

As I said previously, I know a minister who constantly has stories to tell about God using him. He is not bragging on himself, he is just sharing. It is because he is available, and he is expecting God to use him.

No matter what I'm doing or where I go, I ask God to use me with the people I meet everyday, to make "My Steps to be Ordered by the LORD."

May this devotion encourage you that God's many divine appointments out there for all of us if we would just believe Him and be willing, ready vessels.

The Bible says in
2 Timothy 4:2 "Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season." Also, in I Peter 3:15 " ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you." This is what we should be doing. We should always be ready; we should always be looking for opportunities, and if you are a vessel like that, God will use you.

I believe this is a great lesson for all of us. If we all start looking for those "Divine Appointments."

If we all start being AVAILABLE to be used of the LORD, we will see things happen that we would have never expected to see happen previously.

If we were to multiply that by the MANY in the Body of Christ, what
a change that would make in the world we live in! Thank you, Jesus.